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Is Click Trade App for Real or a Scam? Read My Review

Is The Click Trade App For Real? Or A Scam?  Read My Review



I don’t know exactly what it is about this site but literally the first thing that springs to my mind is cowboys! I think maybe it has something to do with one of the headlines saying “You can test a TRAIL version before using the real one” … a TRAIL?  What?  Like a cowboy TRAIL?

Maybe it’s the text font?  Don’t know but it’s not a good start.  Or maybe it’s something to do with the colouring …. It looks like it’s promoting a ranch or something.  Is it just me?

click trade app scam

Then John Cross, the CEO of Click Trade begins the video and I nearly fall about laughing at his accent .. I know I shouldn’t but he is very South African … usually it is just South African actors trying to sound British.  I’m not sure he could sound more South African.  He’s almost speaking in Afrikaans.  In fact, I’m sure I’ve seen him on another video but can’t remember where.

Then he says “Why Algobitex?” .. I must have missed something because I’m not sure I asked him why.  It’s apparently the biggest and most powerful data analysis in the world … really? It knows everything …. The meaning of life, where the Holy Grail is, the offside rule, you name it.

The Click Trade app will place profitable trades and close the trades with profits of 100 to 250%. So you get back more than double your money?????  Why would a broker be in business if that was the case??  It trades only when it knows it will make a profit and this has been proven by their Beta testers (supposedly).  They even have a 24/7 support desk.  John says the only money they will take from me is 0.50% of my profits at the end of every 90 days and they only profit if I win.

He goes on to “prove” that there is no problem withdrawing money from his broker account because it is (he says) a live video from his Click Trade app and broker account.  No scam, no fake screenshot …. Oh, that’s reassuring.  He says it isn’t a scam so it can’t be. Well, there are over 1000 members and all of them are making over $1,500 in pure profits every day.  And the average is up to $5,300 per day.  The Click Trade app is 100% guaranteed.  Really?  An auto-trader that is 100% successful?? And it’s not one of those binary options scams … again, he said it, so it must be true, hey?

It requires no training, no education, no risky investments or gambling ….. well, I beg to differ.  All trading involves an element of risk doesn’t it?  That’s what makes it exciting.

Their Click Trade patented algorithm app analyses billions of market variables per second and if it detects a risk within their 0.0000001% parameter, then it places a counter trade.  It uses the Algobitex algorithm and finds the most profitable trades and places them.  It apparently has over a 90% success rate and produces trading signals and automatically executes them. So it’s a binary options auto-trader right?  But it also has manual trading options based on signals if you want to trade on your own.

It says it gives ME $250 to trade with …. Why???  Is it because it is only a TRAIL account rather than the real thing??  But it does say “spendable profits tonight” – would that be in a virtual world or the real world I wonder????

click trade app review

On the Q&A section, it says most members fund their account with around $250 and make around $800 to $2500 per day.  No guarantees?  I usually expect a guarantee!!  Anyway, it then goes onto say that once I’m in the “Members Area” they will recommend a binary options broker that I “can exploit”!!!!  Hahahhhahahahhahah.  That would be a first.  Exploitation is usually the reserve of the brokers.  I might sign up just to get my own back.












But now all mention of the $250 free money seems to have disappeared.  Think it must have just been like Monopoly money.  I’ve gone through to the sign up for the free TRAIL page and absolutely nothing happens.  But there is an option to go straight through to the real thing .. no surprise there.  It’s just a conduit to get my details over to their broker.

There’s nothing noteworthy about this app, nothing different to any of the others, nothing to back it up, “John” struggles to speak properly and therefore is totally unconvincing as the “developer” … it just stinks of a SCAM.  No thank you Click Trade App.  This cowboy needs to sling his hook.




Does The Trade X Profit App Work? Is It A Scam Or Legitimate? Honest Review


Does the Trade X Profit App work? Or is it a scam like so many others out there? Read a review below from one of our clients.




I like the honesty of this trader which states quite clearly at the bottom of the homepage that binary options is a risky business.  Obviously any trading comes with a risk and any app that tells you it is GUARANTEED to WIN all the time, is clearly a scam.  But this doesn’t.  It also doesn’t overstate how much you might win on a daily basis … it says on a $200 investment you can expect $2,000.  Well, that’s actually quite achievable.

It says it has been seen on Forbes, CNN and Bloomberg.  I wouldn’t be too sure though because all these apps like to say that.  There’s no copy of the articles on the site.

Tradex Review

The video narrator says that he made millions in seven months using this software and shows several different bank account statements of his bank balances.  Unusually, they’re only in the thousands, rather than the usual unbelievable millions. He goes on to say that he’s fed up with all the fake e-mails and offers out there offering nothing but scams.  Rightly so, he says I’ve probably got several of these scam e-mails in my inbox right now, showing flashy videos, promising millions for some secret loop-hole system, push button, instant money, miracle generating system.  He’s not wrong.

Tradex Scam

He says he’s going to share with me a way to earn money and doesn’t want me to pay for it until I’m earning $5,000 a month by “paying it forward” and helping others by spreading the news.  He says 4384 people have already taken on his challenge and succeeded to date.  There are stay-at-home-moms, business executives to professionals all using this simple system.










He’s now going to show me “LIVE PROOF” that I can make $500 a day using his system.  This could be interesting.  He goes on to say that Warren Buffett, the world’s 3rd most richest man (!?) has made $44billion by leveraging the financial markets.  And that 99% of stockbrokers are millionaires.  Not sure this is true … but I’m still listening.  He says that becoming successful in trading takes weeks of learning and research of the markets.  Then you would on average risk $5,000 to $10,000 a day in order to get 0.5% to 5% of that back.

Binary options trading is the simplest method of trading.  It is either a rise or fall of the stock.  His system leverages the choices of a majority of traders.  If the majority are going for up then you press up and down for a fall.  Call or put, simple.  You make between 70 and 80% profit.    You need just $100 to $300 to start trading, depending on how quickly you want to make a profit of $500 a day.  Trade more to win more.



Trade X Review Scam

He shows a live recording of an hour’s trading, luckily speeded up to just two minutes, and it does look authentic.  This system looks like it could actually work and it isn’t promising anything that I think it couldn’t deliver.  It sounds like common sense and if I only have to put in a minimum of $100 I think it’s worth a risk.










From my point of view the review above looks pretty good …. My only concern would be the latency of the information … how quickly will the data on the majority of traders be available?  But if it works then maybe it is that simple and worth the $100 risk, although I don’t know many brokers who will accept a $100 minimum deposit.




Millionaires Maker App – Is It A Scam Or Does It Work? Read My Review

Does The Millionaires Maker Binary Options App Work? Read My Review




Millionaires Maker Scam Review

50 lucky, lucky people are being invited to become millionaires using this free app. They need 50 beta-testers and they want me to become one for this money-making software. How do they know I have half a brain? I could be a total idiot incapable of pressing the special button on this app. As it happens, they’ve struck lucky and I’m not.
I’m being talked at by presumably a ‘stay-at-home-mom’ as most of these apps are aimed at. She says the app works on its own in the background so she can be getting on with all the things stay-at-home-moms (and maybe even dads) have to do. She says it is “pulling money into her bank account” … I now have a vision of some giant money-magnet. Ooh yeah, that sounds fantastic .. a money magnet. Confusingly, she says her friend is making more money than her because he spends more time on it … hmm, I thought she said she doesn’t need to spend any time on it?? I was planning to just have the occasional stare at it to see the mega-bucks rolling in. I need to get on with the housework goddamit!

Millionaires Maker Review

Then it switches to “Mark” who tells us he is a millionaire and that with a “porch”, yes, a “porch” of his first week’s money, he went on a two week vacation. I’m assuming he meant portion but like a lot of these app videos, he finds it hard to speak English, or possibly to read what the marketeers have written on the screen in front of him. I only need five minutes a day to commit to the app and if I do not have five minutes, then I “simply do not have a life”. Well, Mark, I’m sure I could commit five minutes away from the ironing board to make millions … so tell me more.


Millionaires Maker binary trading app

“Martin”, who we might have to assume is the owner of the software, is going to enlighten me. Oh, I’m going to make money on-line. Really? I hope it’s not going to be a scam Martin …. I’m a vulnerable, hard-up, stay-at-home-mom and I need to feed the kids when they return from school. Right, it’s simple .. I’m going to trade binary options. He’s saying that I’m going to learn how to trade binary options …. What? Just by pressing a button on an app??
Oh god, he’s waffling on now about making the right decisions in life and how working harder doesn’t mean making more money. He’s trying to be all philosophical but all I want to know is how this app will make me a million. Get on with it!!!!!!!!

Millionaires Maker binary trading scam

This video is pretty low-budget … even the list of “prizes” once I become a millionaire are low-budget. Instead of a yacht, a mansion and a fast car he cites giving my family better food, education, a warm house and my house of worship, a generous donation, thereby becoming a pillar of the community. What am I going to do with the rest of the money??? Am I allowed to buy a yacht? Or do I have to be altruistic the whole time if I use this app?
Martin is still droning on about the “income generator” and shows an article supposedly from The Sun Newspaper in the UK about an autistic lad who made a million trading binary options and who now drives a Porsche. Tells us to read the whole article using the link he provides … well, that sounds easier said than done as the link is not visible on the video. Trying to add authenticity to the video I suspect.
Eventually he moves onto the Millionaires Maker trading app which apparently has over a 90% win ratio. It is an auto-trader but he tells us absolutely nothing about why it works or how it works. On signing up it goes through to a trading page which maybe shows how the software looks … but who knows if it is or it isn’t … then a “How To” on getting the software which is basically fund a broker account (their preferred broker obviously).
There’s not even any mention of being the beta-tester really. Or the training on how to trade binary options. I’m not sure what to make of this site. It doesn’t do much to prove that it isn’t a scam and similarly, it does nothing to convince me to deposit.
In fact, it doesn’t even show anything that says it’s good …. So I think you’d be taking a rather large punt if you wanted to dabble in this one …. But if you have $250 sitting on the ironing pile, then, the kids can have sandwiches for dinner, can’t they?