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Cherry Trade

In this short post I’d like to talk about one of our recommend binary options brokers, and let you know why we chose Cherry Trade to be our partner for the Option Bot 2.0 Trend Indicator.

Based in Gibraltar, Cherry Trade were an obvious choice due to their close proximity to our own offices, but there’s more to it than just that I can assure you.

One of the things that first drew me to this binary options broker, was their clean and crisp site, that unlike many other “busy” looking binary options broker sites that almost invoke fear in to potential traders due their complex and daunting appearance, Cherry’s site is a well branded clean a crisp website, that does a great job of displaying the key variables in binary options trading with great simplicity as shown in the image below which is great for people that are new to trading.

binary options broker cherry trade

Cherry Trade themselves are quite a young broker, in fact they’ve been in business since early 2014 and perhaps this is why they have got some of the best customer service I’ve come across. They are sharp, they’re on the ball, and they process any anti-fraud compliance documents faster than any other binary options broker I’ve used, which for you the trader, means that you can cash out your profits quickly without any hold ups.

As a trusted partner, Cherry Trade has offered all customers using our Option Bot 2.0 trend indicator that fund their account with $500 or more, trade insurance on their first 5 trades up to $50 per trade. This means that you can place $250 worth of trades, and if they lose they will return your money.

You can take advantage of this offer by going to www.optionxpert.com/cherry or by going through our software at www.optionxpert.com/software

This brings me on to a little trick that can help you build up slightly more trading capital. If you so choose you can fund $500 with Cherry to get the 5 risk free trades, and if you also deposit $500 in to another binary options broker we recommend called Interactive Option via www.optionxpert.com/interactive you’ll also get a further 2 risk free trades.

Once you have both accounts open, choose the asset that provides the best return (EUR/USD offers 81% return) and place 2 identical trades going in different directions. For example EUR/USD:- CALL and EUR/USD:- PUT as you cannot lose, you will get insurance on the one that lost, and you’ll get profit on the one that came in.

In so lets say you placed a $50 trade on EUR/USD which has a return of 81% you’ll get a return of $90.50 giving you $40.50 and the money will be returned on the losing trade at interactive due to the insurance. Play this right and you’ll be able to do it 5 times risk free and add $200 to your trading balance, it’s by no means a long term trading strategy but it’s a good way to start. By doing this almost instantly your balance across the 2 brokers will go from $1000 to anywhere between $1080 and $1202.50 which if anything gives you the opportunity to see how binary options trading works without risking any trading capital in the beginning.

Desipte that nifty little trick, trading can be risky so always keep this in mind when looking at trading. However where there’s risk, there’s reward and I personally have found great success in binary options.

If you want to automatically get the trade insurance on your $500 deposit or more, simply click either or both of these banners

And it’ll be instantly added to your account when you fund or if you’re not entirely sure about binary options trading, why not speak to us via the live button on the bottom right of our website call us on +44 (0)203 3550994 or email the office at info@optionxpert.com and we can take you through our full range of trading options including our tailored training packages to give you the best start in trading possible.