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Reporting Binary Option Scams for 2017

Have you been scammed by a binary options auto trader, broker, software or signal service?  Do you need a way to report binary option trading scams?  The binary options industry is a vast yet highly rewarding investment industry but one of the flaws associated within the fabrication of this industry would be the wide number of binary option trading scams that emerge in the form of binary option autotraders, softwares or signal services.    Many of you have more likely than not have already experienced this unfortunate truth in one way or another and trust us we know first hand how discouraging and frustrating the process is to endure.

Due to wide variety and probability that an online day-trader will get scammed one time or another we have decided to write this educational post to provide you with an outlet on how to report online trading scams while providing you with a few tips on how to better avoid binary option investing scams in the future!

Sound Too Good To Be True?  

One of the quickest ways to determine if a binary options investing opportunity is a binary options trading scam or not would be if it sounds too good to be true!  If the binary options auto trader, software or service is claiming that you can make over $10,000 per day or over $1,000,000 per month you can easily associate these claims with an offer that is too good to be true.  You want to stick with more realistic and tangible offers that can ensure an investor can generate between a few hundred to a few thousand per month, not one that makes completely unrealistic and outlandish claims!

Avoid Binary Option Brokers That Aren’t Regulated/Licensed!

One of the biggest issues that most newbie binary option investors are facing would be getting started with brokers that aren’t regulated nor licensed then not being able to execute a withdrawal.  We cannot emphasis the importance of making sure you get started with a regulated and reliable binary options broker prior to depositing your hard-earned money.  If the broker you sign up and deposit with is not regulated then you should avoid them at all costs because more likely than not if you make a deposit with that broker you will not be able to withdrawal your money.

Now if you’re already in this situation where you are unable to make a withdrawal with a sketchy or blacklisted binary options broker please feel free to leave us a comment below or email us at:  daytrading@optionxpert.com and we will make sure to get back to you within a 24 hour period!

Avoid Broker Bonuses, Account Managers &  Managed Investment Accounts

One of the biggest mistakes a newbie binary options investor can make would be getting started with a binary options broker and accepting their “free” deposit bonus that they offer to you.  What most novice investors fail to realize would be that more often than not these “free deposit” bonuses come with conditions that must be met prior to conducting a withdrawal.  So for example, if you deposit $250 with a binary options broker and accept a broker bonus of $250 then you will have to generate a certain volume of trades that oftentimes fluctuate between a value of 15x, 30x or even 40x that accepted bonus amount.  So in this case you would have to generate a volume of trades of $250 x 30 (times condition requirement) = $7,500 prior to being allowed to conduct a withdrawal!

Another area where we receive a large amount of complaints in regards to binary option brokers would be when investors of both inexperienced and experienced levels report heavy losses by allowing their broker to manage their investment account for you.  Not only is this ILLEGAL but 9 out of 10 times it never works out for the investor in the end.  The broker will try to tell you that when you make money with their trading platform that they make money also but that is a complete lie!  Whenever you have a winning investment the broker actually losses money so please do your best not to be fooled by this common misconception!

Watch Out for Notorious Scam Marketing Widgets!  

One of the easiest ways to tell if a binary options auto trader, software, system or service is a scam would just be by using common sense and checking to see if they implement common scam marketing widgets.  Among the most popular and notorious scam marketing widgets utilized would be the “Available Spots Left, a backward timer countdown, number of viewers watching and accumulated profits to date.”  As you can see in the image below we have exposed a couple of commonly integrated scam marketing widgets that are used by online scammers to deceive newbie and innocent day-traders out of their hard-earned money.

Another extra step that you can go through as well to verify that the site is indeed a scam would be just refresh the page that you are viewing, more often than not these websites have their widgets reset to their originating value so you can realize that the number of total available spots left and the profits accumulated to date is just complete rubbish just like the system!

Binary options is a vast and highly rewarding industry as long as you get started with regulated and reliable binary option brokers and trading softwares that are actually legitimate.  One of the biggest flaws about the binary options industry (just like with every other investment industry) would be that there are a large number of scams that reside and fester within this industry making the likelihood of a someone getting scammed quite probable.


Make sure to sign up with only realistic binary option investment softwares and always make sure to sign up with a reliable binary options broker!  If you are unsure where you can find a list of reliable binary option brokers please feel free to visit our Binary Options Signals Page or our Recommended Binary Option Broker Page.  If you have a binary options trading scam or a binary options broker to report please feel free to send us an email at daytrading@optionxpert.com or leave a public case below in the form of a comment and we will get back to you within 24 hours!


How to Identify Trades with Trends

How to Identify Trades with Trends

Yesterday a YouTube subscriber asked me to show the use of trends to deliver ITM (in the money) trades.

In this video, which shows my signal analysis for the morning of 11th September 2015, I decided to demonstrate live on camera how I use trends to identify trading opportunities.

Traders that use trends, do not simply take the “signal” on trends because they’re not actually signals, they’re an indication of what the market is doing in real time based on the parameters that you’ve set.

I’d like to reach out to traders and fellow YouTubers to find trend settings that work for you so that you too can identify a key market movements that can be used as a signals both for your own trading, but for those of you that want to share your strategy for identifying trade opportunities with the masses also.

I’ll explain how I identified the opportunity using trends from the video here.

Firstly, I set the software to 20 PIPS and 2 minutes movements. This means that the software will alert you when there’s been a movement of 20 pips in a 2 minute period. This is some hike, and it means that something is going on.

When I got the alerts I then looked for a pattern, and on the video above, it was clear that the movements where on JPY pairs.

I then looked at a few factors that would affect the JPY:-

  1. The news, what’s happening in Japan right now
  2. Economic Calendar, are there any events looming
  3. Opening Times, which related markets are open right now

Once I armed myself with that information, I was able to gauge which direction EUR/JPY was going to head, but I needed to also find a strike rate that was safe enough for me to want to push a signal.

I looked at the 3 day view of the chart and chose a safe entry point for the market, and pushed the signal.

The end result was that the trade was successful, and all this is how I spend my days looking for signals for XE Trader.

So if you have a binary options blog, youtube channel, or website and you want to give your customers some solid advice on how to trade, then why not incorporate my own methods of identifying trading opportunities by finding your own likely trades and advising your customers about it too.

This is the best way to learn the basics of effective binary options trading, and whilst many people out there are sceptical about the profitability of binary trading, I’m certain that my video analysis of trades I’ve identified will help spur on a better internet market place for binary options strategies and software as oppose to all the bullshit here today gone tomorrow products that do nothing but bleed you dry in the blink of an eye.

To try XE Trader please go to www.optionxpert.com/xetrader or click this link at the top of this page.

And please, if you haven’t already done so subscribe to my YouTube channel for more daily tips and trading results by clicking here http://optionxpert.com/youtube




XE Trader is Live


That’s it, we’re officially live after nearly 2 years of research and development, so I sincerely hope to see many of you guys out there coming through our doors to get your hands on the XE Trader Platform.

XE Trader is by far the most advanced binary options trading tool available, and it’s been developed as a platform so that the service can include other trading applications and ultimately evolve with the traders needs.

The software is also modular, so you only use the features that you want, and you can add and remove features that suit your trading needs.

Today we’re inviting customers to sign up for the software this week, ready for our full service launch on Monday the 14th of September. The reason we’re doing this is to ensure that everyone who wants the software ready for the full launch can set it up as they see fit.

We have made the software in such a way that you can choose to use any broker you wish, obviously there’s a charge for this, but please speak to your account manager about this as we’re offering discounts for this week only as a special offer.

I hope that you all enjoy XE Trader



How to Trade Binary Options

How to Trade Binary Options   

If you’ve been looking for a way to make money online, and you’ve found your way over to the binary options arena, then there are a few key things that you need to know and understand before you embark on a trading career.

I’ve put this post and video together because I’ve been asked how I consistently make money with binary options, day in day out, and whilst I don’t win every trade I place, I very rarely have a day when I’m down on the previous day.

I’ve truly built a career out of trading binary options, I started out trading at home during the recession for a bit of extra cash 6 years ago, and now I’m now the CEO of Option Xpert, a trader education company that employ over 30 in house traders that have helped thousands of people learn how to trade with minimal risk.

So how to I trade Binary Options ?

Well first of all, I use multiple accounts employing a technique I pioneered myself called “spreading” this is where you place the same asset trade on multiple brokers with the same expiry, so you can take control of the entry point (or strike rate as its known)

I do this because when trading Forex for example, you have many variables to consider, but with binary options you only have 2, just UP or DOWN so it’s very much like flipping a coin.

This is a business model that allows binary brokers to maintain a financial edge so they don’t go out of business. It’s no secret either, if you Google “binary options” the first result is the Wikipedia entry that shows you their formula for staying in the money while being able to facilitate a trading platform for end users (or traders) to make trades and profit.

At the end of the day, there’s always going to be a loser on a trade, but does this make binary options a scam as a whole? Well no it doesn’t, every company has a business model and many have risk management strategies and binary brokers are no different.

But you don’t need to get hung up on all of that, what you need to know is that you should always trade about 5 brokers and divide your intended trades by five.

So if you’ve got £1000 to invest, split it up in to 5 brokers with £200 in each. It doesn’t cost you any extra to do this, and the end result is lower risk for you the end user.

By doing this, you’re creating 5 possible outcomes from your trade instead of one, and you’ll really start to see it make sense when you the first trade out of 5 loses but the other 4 win, and it’s the only way to gain an edge over the broker.

Brokers know about “spreading” and as such you won’t be able to spread on one account, as soon as they are on to you you’ll get a notice saying “cannot execute trade due to market liquidity” or something similar.

Brokers will always try and get you to part with large sums of cash too, this is not a good idea. Spread your eggs around, and never part with more than £5k across 5 brokers unless you want to take big risks.

The whole purpose of binary options is to use low amounts at a low risk to you personally, if you have more than £5k to invest, try Forex or direct brokerage investing as that’s better suited to big investors.

This brings me on to the next topic, and that’s the fact that when you trade binary options, try not to completely trust a trading application or “binary bot” as they are known. There’s a lot of autotrading robots out there that I like to call “lost the fucking lot bots” and they are seriously high risk, if you’re going to learn how to trade, then do just that “LEARN HOW TO TRADE” don’t expect some miracle software app to make you rich overnight, that’s what everyone wants, and the people behind these products know this fact. As such the internet is a barrel full of fish for them to shoot, so please be vigilant. I post regular scam updates on my YouTube channel, so be sure to subscribe today www.youtube.com/optionxe it’s free to subscribe, I’ll never email you spam and you can make sure you don’t’ get scammed.

That being said, OptionXE have a trend indicator called Option Bot 2.0, and it’s a trend indicator. Trends are the only thing you can really monitor in binary options, and it’s a great aid to traders that want to monitor certain markets whilst trading.

We firmly believe at Option Xpert that when trading binary options, you should keep yourself informed as to what is happening in the world, as a small movement in the economy can have a butterfly effect on the market. As such, we add daily trader insights based on a combination of information taken from various forex calendars, Bloomberg and Yahoo Finance, which we also translate in to new settings for our software every day.

By combining the both the trader insights with a solid trend indicator like Option Bot 2.0 you have a huge edge when trading, as you will see from the video on this post.

If you would like to try our software for free for 7 days please CLICK HERE

Or if you would like to trade with 5 tried and tested brokers my top 5 are as follows:-

Porter Finance – Get insured trades if you deposit $500 or more

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Bloombex – Fastest pay outs I’ve come across

Option Now – Highest percentage pay outs

CT Options – Great platform layout

All these brokers accept USA traders

If you would like to learn more about binary options trading, please enter your details in the form below and one of our trading experts will be in touch.


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Option Xpert Live Trading event 10am – 11am CET Tuesday the 24th of March 2015.

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Forex Vs Binary Options

Forex vs Binary Options

Let’s set the scene, you’ve had a £1000 windfall and you want to try your hand at currency trading to grow your capital.

You turn to Google and in recent years it’s not just Forex that pops up, it’s also “Binary Options” what the hell are binary options?

More importantly, what’s the difference?

Well, if you’re a complete novice to trading, you need to arm yourself with a bit of knowledge to make an informed decision, and this blog and video are here to outline the basics of both, and provide an example of each one.

So firstly forex, I’m by no means an expert of forex, so this is a loose outline on the basic mechanics of forex trading.

If you had bought 1000 GBP worth of EUR on the 9th of Feb at a rate of 1.34 you would have €1340

If you were to sell the 1000 GBP worth of EUR the date of this blog post (11/02/2015) just 2 days later, you would only get £990 back, so you would have lost £10.

Now, if you look at the EUR/GBP rate in 2014 it was 1.2 to the pound, so 1000 GBP would have bought you €1200.

If you sat on it, and for some reason had to cash it out on the 11th of Feb 2015 when the rate is 1.35, you need to divide 1200 by 1.35 which equals £888.88 which represents a massive £111.12 loss.

Now with forex you do have features like stop loss and execution orders, which is basically where you set a point you don’t want your capital to dip below. For example, you don’t want your GBP capital to dip below 900, and the execution order will automatically sell your currency when a certain profit level is reached, for example if you want to make 10% on your capital it will sell your currency when you have a return of 1100 GBP.

I can’t stress how loosely I’m explaining it here, I’m trying to keep it very simple for the purpose of comparing the two types of trading.   Essentially you control the both the entry and exit point of your investment.

Next up, Binary Options

With Binary Options Trading you get a fixed return on your investment or option. For example, most currency pair payouts are around 80%

With binary options the most popular choice of trading is CALL and PUT, which basically means UP or DOWN respectively.

The exit point if predetermined usually offering expiries either on the hour, quarter past the hour, half past the hour or quarter to the hour, so you really only have control of the entry point. As such, it’s vital that you know what is going on in the financial news on a daily basis, which is why Option Xpert provide a Daily Trader Insight.

So if you win a £1000 trade you’d win back £1800in binary options trading, which is giving you £800 profit from one single trade.

However if you lose your trade you lose your entire investment. Now this might sound bad if you lose, but you don’t need to invest your whole 1000 to make a good proportionate return in forex terms.

What you need to look at is the fact that if you were to place just a £12.50 trade that is successful, based on an 80% payout, you’d make £10 in a matter of minutes.

If you lost the trade, you’d still have £987.50, giving you plenty of time and capital to place more trades, but more importantly you only tied up 1.25% of you capital for anything from 5 minutes to a few hours, whereas in the example I’ve outlined above with forex, your entire £1000 capital would be tied up for a year just to find out you’ve lost a tenner.

Now look, there are many different factors that need to be considered with both types of trading, but our viewpoint is that for the short term investor with limited capital, your best bet is to start with binary options trading, and if you would like to learn how to trade binary options successfully please enter your details in the form below this video or email us at info@optionxpert.com