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Service Update

Option Xpert

Option Xpert

We’ve got some big changes coming up this year, and today I’d like to announce that we’re changing our name to Option Xpert and we’re also stopping registrations on our Trader Platform on October 30th this year.

The main reason for these changes is to maintain our position as a trusted authority on the industry, and in order to this to be achieved we need to spend more time with our customers, and we’ve simply been overwhelmed by new customers wanted to join our Trader service, and we’re fast approaching capacity point.

So if you want to learn how to trade by the Binary Options Experts, then stick with OptionXpert.com


XE Trader Pre Launch and Beta

 XE Trader Pre Launch and Beta

XE Trader is now in the final stages of development before it can be released to the general public. Last Sunday I hosted an event for staff of Option Xpert and I invited outside Trader/Bloggers to come and join us for a day of team building with the Option Xpert team followed by a full pig roast and a presentation about the XE Trader application.

The XE Trader app will be an evolving service, and what you are seeing on the video today is only just scratching the surface of what we expect to be the most comprehensive trading application every to grace the binary options industry.

We bought the technology from Gary Davies of Option Bot fame nearly 2 years ago, and it’s taken that long to get the software where we want it to be, so anyone that is serious about trading binary options will be very happy when this software is launched I guarantee it.

Why has it taken so long you may ask?

Well, we’ve been scouring the internet and playing with the notion of auto trading in that time, and some of the tests we’ve carried have raised alarm bells about auto trading in general, and we’ve been perfecting an alternative service based trading experience where you have 3 different types of trading available from one screen, as well as financial and economic news and alerts all on the dashboard, so that you on need one screen.

Pricing for XE Trader will be announced next week, as we’re in the middle of a deal with brokers to sponsor the application each month, which in turn will allow the software to be free to use.

This week we have the Lee from www.tradingtoolkit.com , Louis from www.trustedbinaryreviews.net Nichola from www.binaryoptionsoftware.co.uk Gary from www.learntotradebinaryoptions.net and Paul from www.binaryoptionsinreview.com all beta testing the application and providing us with feedback on the service.

This means that next week (commencing August 10th 2015) we will be fixing any issues that arise in their testing, and looking at adding some new features if we feel they would enhance the traders experience, leaving the launch date being the 17th of August 2015.

There’s a possibility that if we encounter big changes that the software will be delayed until the 24th of August, but I will keep you all posted on youtube about this.

I’m excited to see the culmination of 2 years hard work finally coming to fruition, and I truly believe that this app will change the way home traders trade.

For those of you mobile traders out there, fear not we have iPhone and Android application coming out before Christmas, so you can trade on the go, and we’ll also have SMS and push notifications.

In other news, on August 1st Option Xpert appointed a new Director Mr Jack Travers, those of you that have emailed me asking for advice over the last year, may have received an email back from Jack, as he’s been my number 2 for a long while, and for good reason too. Jack is not only the most committed person I’ve ever met to his work, he is also the nephew of the chairman of the Cayman Stock Exchange, which has proved to be a very useful connection in the trading industry.

So that’s it for now, I will keep all of you updated on the firm launch date hopefully later this week.


How to use our trader insights with Option Bot 2.0

Here’s a short video to explain how to implement the advice on our trader insights, and throughout our training courses.

Followed by a quick demonstration of the Option Bot 2.0 Trend Indicator when set up to analyse pairs affected by current market conditions.

It’s essential to update your settings on a regular basis to reflect the current financial climate for the software to yield high in the money returns.

We offer trader insights that can be found on our software on a daily basis (Monday to Friday) and we offer a premium service where we help understand how to interpret the economic news to achieve more winning trades.

To enquire about training, please enter your details below and one our representatives will get back to you.


Option Xpert Auto Trading Service Closes September 2014

Closure of the OptionXE Auto trading facility, with new improved services to take its place September 17, 2014  – It is with great regret that we are withdrawing the auto trading service from our portfolio.

The service was introduced on April 2nd 2014 and was outsourced to http://www.AutoIncomeBot.com  operated by Craig Peters BA Hons.   Initially we heard great reports from customers about the success rate on his auto trading service, so a decision was made to partner with him.

From day one the auto trading service has been a collaboration between 2 separate companies, with the intention of acquiring the young start up.

However in recent weeks we have been made aware of consistent losses from customers that we referred to Mr Peters, which we’ve learned is partly due to a latency issue due to having too many customers connected to his central trading software.

We are urging all Auto Trading Customers referred by us to disable your auto trading account.

At this time we very much doubt we will offer auto trading again as Option Xpert.  As a business we have a brand to protect, and we have decided to focus our services back on software development and premium training support.

Option Xpert is currently busy developing 2 new home trading applications that can be seamlessly linked with a range of binary options brokers, and our company mission is to educate our customers on how to treat binary options trading via our applications.

If you have any questions regarding your auto trading account, please contact your Option Xpert account manager, or email craig@autoincomebot.com

For those of you that invested in the auto trading, you can also contact Cherry Trade at tradingfloor@cherrytrade.com and they will put together a customised recovery trading strategy to help you build up any losses you may have incurred.