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1K Daily Profit Review – Does it Work or Is It a Scam

1K Daily Profit Review – Does it Work or Is It a Scam


Read my review to see if 1K Daily Profits is for real or a scam


Phew, 7 spots left and I’m lucky enough to be exactly where those spots are today.  What a stroke of luck, hey?  BUT, I have to get in quick before my invitation expires.  Why would I need panicking into signing up?  If it’s going to make me millions, I’m not going to walk away am I?  But I need time to read and review everything to ensure it’s not a scam.


1K Daily Profit scam


John Becker, the Founder of 1K Daily Profit, writes a very nice welcome note telling me how lucky I am to have been invited into this scam opportunity where he will let me into a little known secret – the same algorithm that Warren Buffet uses to make his billions. So is John Warren’s best mate or something?  How has he gotten hold of such privileged info??

This is an autotrader or manual system with 99.8% accuracy.  Yeah right.  Prove it!

John sounds believable because he’s telling me all about the others out there that are scam sites around every corner but he deeply respects me – he doesn’t even know me and quite frankly I’m not that nice …. But I suppose it’s because I’ve been personally invited here by another scammer.


1K Daily Profit review


Do the math …. Thanks John, I’m glad you helped me with $1,000 daily x 7 equals $7,000 a week.  So much more confident now I know you’re so good at math.

DAMN IT …. He said to get off this page if I’m after millions – FUCK IT … I was after the millions.  Might bugger off now.  Only joking …  thousands will do and I’m half way through and still drinking my coffee so I may as well carry on listening to this bullshit.  Like watching a shit movie .. you keep thinking it will get better but generally it doesn’t.

And I can’t even walk away because he tells me if I try to get back in on this link, then I will lose my chance forever!!!!!!!!!  So I’d better not walk away.

It’s the same old crap being spouted off about not being a scam, being a secret, trusted algorithms, hard-working community of winners deserving to get a share of the 1% and over and over and over again, just listen to the end of this short video and don’t leave because you’ll never get the chance again …… WELL FOR FUCK SAKE JOHN, GET ON WITH IT!!!!!!!!  You’re driving me up the wall with your voice which sounds incredibly familiar … in fact, I think it’s the same voice that does all these videos … it must be catalogued as a “convincing mid Atlantic drawl”.

To be honest John, if I’d already made millions using the 1K Daily Profits app then I doubt I’d still be doing voice-overs.  Although he does tell me he’s eating a tuna sandwich in the Bahamas which I suppose is better than eating a bag of crisps in Slough.

This page looks less scammy than normal however I don’t like the pop-up that comes up when I’m trying to leave.  But there are some good points on there i.e. the association with the Warren Buffet algorithm, the VIP Members Area which might be good to share tips and chat and 24/7 support.

For those reasons above I’m going to give this a shot as it is probably worth a $250 test.

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1K Daily Profit Review - Does it Work or Is It a Scam
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