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Cash Camp Review Steer Clear or lose your money

Cash Camp Review Steer Clear or lose your money

Cash Camp Review Steer Clear or lose your money

Cash Camp IMPORTANT Update 24/03/2016

Welcome to my review on Cash Camp, last year I experienced some tremendous results with a product called Cash Camp, however since my initial review and testing, it appears that the service has gone completely downhill.

I’m hearing reports of people losing money on this product, and people telling me that the support is simply non-existent.  So I have decided to remove my videos from YouTube and warn people about the serious detrition of the service and to stay away from it now.

Unfortunately it’s not uncommon for start-ups like the cash camp crowd to be victims of their own success, and the problems could be down to a number of reasons.

From past personal experience of considering to add auto trading to our services in the past, we came across latency issues where the auto trades were not executed at the correct time, meaning the strike rate wasn’t what it was supposed to be, and this meant that the trades being taken were not the trade we has intended.

Whether this is the issue with cash camp remains to be seen, I don’t honestly know what their issue has been, all I know is that there’s some very unhappy people with the service, and upon restesting at a customers request we lost our entire initial investment.

So if you came here looking for a positive review or some form or reinforcement that it’s worth trying out, then I have some bad news for you.  It’s no good anymore so STEER WELL CLEAR of it.

However if you are looking for something that is working well, you can try our own Trend Xpert service by clicking the tab at the top of the page or click below to try our best software of the moment.


Below is our orginal review, please dismiss it.


Over the last few days I’ve been asked to check out a product called Cash Camp, I can’t really find out much about it online other than some reviews from Louis Harris, so I’ve decided to take a deeper look in to this myself.

The first thing you are greeted with on Cash Camp’s website is a smoking hot brunette talking about her period…. Very odd start, but I must so I’d smash the living day lights out of it.

cash camp v3

Next up, upon signing up to Cash Camp v3 I’m not entirely sure what I’m seeing, but it appears to be the same visual set up as Google Trader, but after looking them up on the who.is database I see that Google Trader is registered to a company called Griffin IT Media in Florida and Cash Camp is registered to a company in Arizona, so these guys are certainly not one and the same.

cash camp review scam cash scam scam review

What I am assuming at this stage is that someone is selling signal service software, so that it makes it easy to sign members up and deliver real time signals.

I happen to know from experience when developing XE Trader, that pushing real time signals can be tricky to get developed, it cost us over $100k to have it developed, so by using an off the shelf signal service, you’d reduce your costs massively.

The draw back to using off the shelf software is that if someone abuses it and sends shit signals, people are not going to trust that software ever again.

However as luck would have it, I’ve had a good experience for a change with this software, so lets see if it performs as well when being run by the cash camp office.

I generally have a low expectation of apps like this, and I don’t know if I should be put off by the identically coded back office of the app itself, so there’s only one thing for it, and that’s deposit.

I wanted to fund in euros and it wouldn’t let me, I was assigned a broker called AA Options, who I’ve seen a few times, but I was forced to fund in USD, so if this does turn out to be a fruitful venture then my earnings will be slightly less than my preferred currency.

cash camp scam

Anyway, I’m not going to let that cloud my judgement. I’ve seen positive reviews about this already, so if you want to jump in and try it you can do so by clicking the link below


However, if you would like to see my results, please remember to subscribe to my YouTube channel at http://optionxpert.com/youtube

and you will be notified when I publish my test results for Cash Camp.

So whether it’s a scam or not remains to be seen, there’s nothing massively telling me that it is, and genuine binary services are on the rise at the moment, so people are finally giving Option Xpert a run for their money.

You can of course always try out our XE Trader app, but clicking the link in the menu at the top of this page, but if you’d like to check out cash camp click below


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6 Comments so far


KarlPosted on  1:13 pm - Oct 14, 2015

Hey Kieth, I am using the cash camp for 2 weeks now, good for signals and auto trading, around 75% ITM


BarriePosted on  9:41 am - Oct 15, 2015

This is pretty impressive actually, I left my account for a day, and logged in to see $661.50 profit 24 hours later! Will let you know if I can withdraw. As anyone here been assigned AA options?


JayPosted on  6:08 pm - Oct 25, 2015

hi Keith.
What settings are you using on the AutoTrader?


Aaron PetersonPosted on  8:09 pm - Oct 28, 2015

Keith, I saw your video of comparing manual trades, against equinox. If you refresh the cash camp site several times, you will notice that none of the signals keep their % and direction. They are always jumping around. I suspect that the reason you had such success, was due to the fact that you were placing trades at the same time as Equinox, and it was actually the fact that Equinox had a valid trade that made your cash camp trade successful (4 of the 7). I would bet that if you did Cash Camp independent of Equinox, you will not have that high of a success rate.

My 2 cents.


MikePosted on  5:35 pm - Nov 3, 2015

Have signed up with Cash Camp, I keep getting directed to Visionbinary, are they any good? Was hoping to get 24 options or the like.


kellyPosted on  8:51 pm - Dec 21, 2015

I decided to try cash camp I deposit 400 USD I used the auto trade the next day I opened my account and I found 240. I try to use the signal and trade manually but I lost all of them. I’m scared now I don’t want to keep losing money. Anyone can tell me if that have happened to anyone?

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