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Cash Crew Review – Is Cash Crew a Scam ?

Cash Crew Review – Is Cash Crew a Scam ?

Cash Crew Review – Is Cash Crew a Scam ?

Here’s another fucking annoying scam site from a bunch of tools that call themselves the Cash Crew. It’s obviously a pathetic scam from the get go, with a glossy cheesy stock image spokesperson being touted as the face of the business.
I’ve tried outing cash crew as a scam using the google image “drag and drop” feature, and the only result if brought me too was an Italian binary options blog that is promoting IQ Option. Sadly, we already covered this week that IQ option is a scam broker, and should be avoided at all costs.
As I delve further in to the details around cash crew, in particular their so called original software, I’m greeted with a very familiar interface that I’ve seen on all the major scambots touted in 2015, yep their back again people, it’s a sad thing to say but the truth is that the scammers are back in town and it’s not good for business.
So how do these binary options scammers work?

cash crew scam
Well, contrary to what you might believe, affiliates are a big business on the internet…. In fact pretty much everyone monetises their website with what’s known as affiliate links. These are links unique to the person that sent them, so that the end product owner is aware who sent which customer and then a commission is allocated to their affiliate account.
Cash Crew is a great example of a website that is abusing affiliate connections, and are most likely affiliates with brokers without the brokers being aware what they are doing.
They do this using what’s known as “black hat” techniques that they used to facilitate their online scam.
In this case, the cash crew are presenting an unrealistic offer to the masses, the odd fool will fall for this, but they make sure after creating this intricate scam funnel that they are coordinate with illegal spammers that can send tens of millions of emails out about this so called “offer” from cash crew and even if only 1000 people out of a hundred million emails buy in to these lies, then the scammers make a cool $50k – $100k just from sending out bullshit on mass.
Crazy I know, but that’s the reality of why these scambots exist, and the worst thing is that the brokers are left picking up the pieces, because their software is just dog shit

cash crew software
Typically under an affiliate arrangement the broker will pay out once a month, so bullshit offers like the cash crew get sent out at the end of the month, knowing that they will get their commission in the first week of the following month.
In short, these scammers at cash crew will coordinate a launch at the end of April, get paid 100k or so at the beginning of May and then by the time the several brokers they worked with clock on, it’s too late, they have your money safely tucked away in an offshore bank that you have fuck all chance of getting back.
So stay away from this, if you want to try something that works head on over to my best current software or TrendXpert by clicking the link below



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