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SafeIncome.co is a SCAM!! REAL Review Here!

SafeIncome.co is a SCAM!! REAL Review Here!

Safe Income Inc is a fraudulent binary options trading system meant to deceive newbie binary option investors out of their hard-earned money.  Albert J Henderson, the supposed creator of this “miraculous” trading system, is without a doubt a phony and nothing more than a figment of some scam artist’s imagination!  SafeIncome.co claims to have a 100% money back guarantee if you don’t generate atleast $500 in daily profits with their system but don’t be fooled, there are no money back guarantees with this online money making scheme!  To learn more about why you should avoid this online trading scam please feel free to read our REAL scam review regarding the ins-and-outs of the Safe Income trading scam.

Safe Income Inc Facts 

  1. Safe Income is a binary options trading system that was released into the binary options marketplace a few days ago that averages a cumulative success rate of 47.15% on a daily basis.
  2. Fake testimonials, social feeds and reviews are plastered all throughout SafeIncome.co to build “credibility” and to gain your trust that way you are deceived out of your hard-earned money.
  3. Safe Income claims to be 100% FREE yet you will need to fulfill a $250 deposit with one of their unregulated and assigned brokers where they will receive a rather handsome commission off of your suffering!
  4. There is virtually no presence of Albert J Henderson on any social media outlet or through Google Search.
  5. SafeIncome.co claims to be affiliated with CNN, Fox News, Forbes, The Wall Street Journal, WIRED, Yahoo, The New York Times, TNW and Business Insider yet when we looked further into our investigation no such affiliation could be found between this trading scam and any of these reputable news organizations.

Is Safe Income Inc a Scam?

The evidence regarding Safe Income Inc is not only uncontroversial but more than enough for us to verify that this trading system is without question an online money making scheme meant to target first time day-traders out of their cold hard cash!  When an online trading system generates a success rate no higher than 50% it is quite obvious that the only result for your hard-work will be a severe or complete loss of your trading funds which is why we highly recommend avoiding this despicable trading scam!

OptionXpert’s Verdict

We here at the Judge believe it goes without saying that SafeIncome.co is nothing more an your average binary options trading scam meant to target and deceive innocent, newbie investors out of their money.  We have seen time-and-time again scams that offer something that sounds too-good-to-true and this is certainly the case with the Safe Income Inc trading system for binary options.  We sincerely hope that our honest and real scam review will find you first opposed to other “scam” reviews that are meant to gain your trust so that you give the system a shot and lose all your money.

Getting Started with Safe Income Inc

  • Visit SafeIncome.co and provide your Name & Email Address and click on “Instant Access Now.”
  • Once on Members Page, verify that your previously submitted information is correct and provide your telephone number and create a password.  This information will be your log-in information for your assigned broker and trading system.
  • Fund your assigned broker account and lose your money within a matter of a few days!

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