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Signals Binary Scam Review

Signals Binary Scam Review

Signals Binary Scam Review



A few days back I pretty much decided that I’m fed up of always telling people about the “bad” in the industry after a subscriber of mine asked me to start reviewing signals services instead of all of these scambots.

Initially I was hesitant, as the reason I expose scams is to keep people safe from losing money, and as a company that provide a trend indicator (which are signals that the user sets the parameters for) I thought it might be a conflict of interest, however if that’s what you guys want to see, then I’ll give it a go.

I’m going to kick off my Signals review on a product that I already know isn’t a scam, which is called Signals Binary.

I first came across the service in the Apple app store about a year ago, and whilst I signed up for their free signals back then getting just 1 signal per day, I have decided to try their premium service of 10 signals per day which you can get simply by funding a broker form their page.

They do of course get a commission for this, and they make no secret of this fact. The service used to be payable via a monthly subscription, but as they have grown over the last 12 months they are now in a comfortable position where they can offer their service simply by gaining a referral fee, and you get quite a lot for this.

For the standard 1 account open, you’ll get 10 signals per day, and these are proper market researched signals that people should pay attention too.

signals binary scam

They also offer SMS signals as part of the service, push notifications via their apple and android app, and I’ve noticed that their customer service is also really good via their live chat button on the website.

How do I know they are not a scam? Well Option Xpert have a lot of customers, and this is a service we hear about a hell of a lot. Many of our customers swear by them, so I figured this would be a great place to start.

The simple fact that they have an iphone app should be enough to tell you it’s legit, apple have a very stringent acceptance process for their app store, as they want to avoid any scandals at all costs, so this is an immediate sign to me that you’ll be ok with this service.

As for how good Signals Binary actually is remains to be seen. I’m going to testing the service over the next week or so. I have parted with €500 in Porter Finance to gain access to 10 signals per day with Signals Binary. You can opt for 18 if you deposit at 2 brokers, but I just want to test out the single broker deal first.

Should you feel funny about the fact that they get a commission of your deposit?

No, not at all, these guys have a busy office analysing the market and delivering news, signals, and they also conduct regular polls to help engage you in your trading, and that to me is a sign of a company that have their shit together.

If you have had experience with the service, please use your voice on the comments and on our YouTube channel at www.optionxpert.com/youtube and if you’d like to find out about scams to avoid, please enter your details below.
** UPDATE 05/06/2015**

** UPDATE 08/06/2015**


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KetanPosted on  4:24 pm - Dec 1, 2015

They are amazing. Signals are sent out after a lot of analysis. 75% ITM most of the time. So far I am happy.


JosephPosted on  8:36 am - May 16, 2016

Message:I want to make money

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