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TrianaSoft is a GUILTY SCAM!! The Truth EXPOSED!!

TrianaSoft is a GUILTY SCAM!! The Truth EXPOSED!!

TrianaSoft is a GUILTY SCAM!! The Truth EXPOSED!!

TrianaSoft, David Campbell, Michael Wedmore and trianasoft.co is nothing more than another online trading scam meant to manipulate and deceive innocent day-traders out of their hard-earned money!  Very seldom do we come across a binary options trading scam that is as fabricated and pathetic as the Cash Crew trading scam but the TrianaSoft trading system sure does give the Cash Crew a run for it’s money in this instance.

Now chances are that if you landed on our TrianaSoft scam review that you were questioning the legitimacy of the TrianaSoft trading system so if that is the case our only recommendations to you would be NOT to sign up with this trading software until you finish reading our honest and troubling scam review!  So can you really make “$1,500 within the next 30 minutes” or is TrianaSoft.co another trading scam?


TrianaSoft Facts 

  1. trianasoft.co has a global alexa rank of 1,291,924 followed by a US rank of 609,626.  10.5% of visitors are from within the United States.
  2. The Triana Soft trading system is available for day traders who reside within Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, South Africa, United Kingdom and the United States.
  3. The TrianaSoft website, trianasoft.co, was created on March 7th, 2016 indicating to us that the website is only one week old.
  4. Contact address for Triana Soft website creator is P. O. Box 0823-03411, Panama, PA.  Contact phone number:  +507.8365503.
  5. David Campbell and Michael Wedmore have no presence on social media outlets and the entire trading system is a fabricated online money making scheme.
  6. trianasoft.co claims to have over 15,000 members yet they only average 6 visitors per day according to alexa.com.

Is TrianaSoft a Scam?

The evidence regarding the guiltiness of the TrianaSoft trading system is staggering and overwhelming.  When visiting trianasoft.co you will find that every testimonial picture used of the “members” are fake photoshopped and purchased images used to build credibility to deceive you out of your hard-earned money.  Take Hannah Wood for example, her fake “membership testimonial image” is conflicting with her other persona Sandra Harris at https://write.my.  Being the Judge, the Jury and the executioner of the binary options industry we don’t believe or take chances in coincidences which is why we are declaring the TrianaSoft trading software a manipulative and deceptive trading SCAM!

Testimonial Evidence Received:

Before we continue to debunk the trianasoft.co money making scheme we would like to thank our subscribers and those of you for sharing your experiences with us so that way we could warn the rest of the binary options community about this trading scam.  Below are a few disturbing screenshots of the performance history of the TrianaSoft trading system.

InvestinKing23 Testimonial & Screenshot Feedback:  “I should have known that something was up when I kept getting calls relentlessly from the broker that I should up my $250 deposit to $5,000 in order to get a good bonus.  Now I can’t withdraw and I am losing more money than I care to admit!“


June Poole Testimonial & Screenshot Feedback:  “In all honesty, I had no idea a software could poor this piss poor!  3 investments out of 10 landed in-the-money, that is only a 30% success rate!“

Tirmiza Moto Testimonial & Screenshot Feedback:  “was a complete waste of 5000 euros, AVOID AT ALL COSTS UNLESS YOU LIKE LOSING UR MONEY!”  

OptionXpert’s Verdict

The evidence concerning the guilt of the TrianaSoft trading system is overwhelming and uncontroversial.  Not only is the TrianaSoft an elaborate and fabricated online money making scheme but it is also another binary options trading system that follows the notorious “too-good-to-be-true”  concept.  As you may have answered for yourself throughout the duration of this real scam review no you will NOT make $1,500 within the next 30 minutes when using the TrianaSoft trading system, HOWEVER there are other reliable trading systems that are proven and tested with 100% money-back guarantees!

To learn more about the OptionRobot trading system please feel free to read our comprehensive scam review regarding the performance and success of this trading system!  As always if yo have any questions to ask or experiences to share feel free to leave your inquiry in the form of a comment below or Contact Us!  This concludes our TrianaSoft scam review, case closed!

Getting Started with TrianaSoft  

  • Visit TrianaSoft.co and sign up by providing your name and email address then click on “For Instant Access To Profits”
  • Once on Members Page, finish signing up by providing your First Name, Last Name, Email Address, Mobile Phone Number and choosing a Password.
  • Sign up and complete your deposit with your assigned binary options broker.
  • Sign in and starting getting scammed out of your money in no time!

TrianaSoft FAQ

Q:  Is TrianaSoft.co affiliated with CNN, TNW (The Next Web), The New York Times, MSN, BloomBerg Business and ABC News as claimed on their website?  

A:  No, there is no affiliation between TrianaSoft.co, TrianaSoft, David Campbell or Michael Wedmore with any of the news organizations claimed above.

Q:  What other blogs are scamming day traders by supporting this scam?  

A:  thedailyharrison.com, itdecs.com, thedailyhastings.com, quickcashsystem.com, binaryapp-810.co, binaryoptionsystems.info, binaryforexreview.com, autobinarysignalssoftwarereviews.com, top10binarysignals.com

Q:  What reliable and honest blogs are exposing this scam?

A:  www.binaryoptionswatchdog.com, www.binaryoptionsplace.com, www.binaryoptionspolice.net, www.binaryoptionsspot.com, www.objectivebinaryoptions.com, binaryoptionsgorilla.com, binaryscamalerts.com, binaryscamwatchmonitor.com, binaryoptionsheriff.com 


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