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Virtual Income is a GUILTY Scam!!

Virtual Income is a GUILTY Scam!!

Virtual Income, Henry Howes and Virtuxalincome.co is indisputably one of the most fraudulent and disturbing binary option trading scams that we have come across since the start of the 2017 New Year.  DON’T sign up with the Virtual Income trading system until you read our honest and complete scam review where we will discuss the fate of the Virtual Income trading software for binary options.  So can you really make “$10,812 per day – guaranteed” with the Virtual Income trading system or is it nothing more than another binary options trading scam?  Read our complete review and you decide!

Virtual Income Facts 

  1. According to alexa.com, virtualincome.co has a Global Rank of 581,405 along with a Russia Rank of 47,797.  30.9% of visitors viewing the site reside within Russia while 9.3% reside within the United States and 4.2% residing within the United Kingdom.
  2. The Virtual Income trading scam is a premeditated (planned) online money making scheme…. The domain virtualincome.co was registered on January 23rd, 2016 and was updated on March 10th (same day the trading system became available for online traders).
  3. After testing the Virtual Income scam website for trojans and malware we can confirm that the website is not used to distribute trojans according to ThreatLog and GoogleSafeBrowsing.
  4. The Virtual Income trading system claims to generate profits of $10,812 per day with a guarantee yet they never live up to their guarantee and many newbie investors have lost most if not ALL their hard-earned money.
  5. We have received over 23 complaints in regards to the Virtual Income trading system and loss of funds within a week of using the system.  AVOID this trading system!!! There are much more reliable and profitable trading systems available in the binary options market place.
  6. There is virtually no presence of Virtual Income being a company or Henry Howes even existing anywhere on any social media outlets or search engine search results.

Is Virtual Income a Scam?

We have received many more complaints than we normally do with the Virtual Income trading scam and we believe the reasoning behind that would be because there is a large number of fake video testimonials and trading reviews currently endorsing this product through YouTube and other domain outlets.  Serving as the Judge, the jury and the executioner of the binary options industry we hereby find the manipulative Virtual Income trading system an online trading scam!

OptionXpert’s Verdict

Virtual Income and Henry Howes is nothing more than your typical online money making scheme meant to deceive newbie binary option investors out of their money with the hopes of making a quick buck off of your sign up.  We can’t help but state how absolutely pathetic and damaging trading scams such as the Virtual Income, TrianaSoft, Limitless Profits, Altronix, Cash Crew and every other scam we have exposed here truly are and we sincerely wish the worst and to put those scammers behind bars at any costs!

Now if you’re actually looking for a way to profit online through binary options we recommend you to read our Copy Buffett Review where we explain the ins-and-outs about the success behind one of the few reliable trading systems for binary options.

Getting Started with Virtual Income

  • Visit virtualincome.co and sign up by providing your name and email address and click on “Open Your Free Account.”
  • Once you’ve been redirected to the Members Page, provide your First & Last Name, preferred email address, telephone and choose a password.
  • Finish your sign up and fund your assigned binary options broker account and sign in and start losing money immediately!

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